Music For Pilates Workout Series Vol. 3

Album: Music For Pilates Workout Series Vol. 3
Artist: Vechigen
Trackname: Magic Frost
Version: Original Ambient Mix 
Label: Sports & Health Club Series
Catalog: SPORTS049
Release date: 14-10-2011
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01. Michael E – Look to the Sky
02. Sphere – Hard to Handle
03.Vechigen – Magic Frost (Ambient Mix)
04.Spinne – Daemmerung
05.Mikrokristal – Fluff
06.SEN – Scuba Drift
07.MoVoX – Immersion in Memories
08.SoulSonic – Sleep Well
09.Denis Rusnak – Particelstrom
10.Smart Wave – Heaven
11.Naoki Kenji – Into Blue
12.Marco Allevi – Melody for You
13.Tanja Schönefeld – Once Again Mary
14.Sarah Corbee Feat. Sally – Ghostdog
15.Janne Hanhisuanto – Good Night


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